Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Red Dead Redemption

Oh boy! this game is very hard to take out of my 360. I loved every minute of this game. I really believe that this has set the bar higher for other games in the genre and from Rockstar themselves. A lot of what I have been reading from the various forums is that people feel that the game is short. I have to disagree. If you blaze a trail through the main story than it might feel short, But if you take sometime to travel through the land than you will find so much more to do. Rockstar has made one of the best if not the greatest western setting game to date. As far as multiplayer goes there is nothing cooler than to see you and your posse galloping at full speed towards your next destination or chasing after some foolish douche who had the balls to mess with one of you while you were on the last mission. In multiplayer there are some many things to unlock with your challenges and ranking up that it will have you coming back for sometime. In my opinion I don't regret spending the full price on this game and missing out on this would be a shame.

Verdict: Buy It!......NOW

Im asleep!

So I just finished Alan Wake and I have to say that it was pretty boring. I know I might be in the minority but as a fan of games like Max payne and Silent Hill (with is a lot of what Alan Wake is) I found myself just going through the motions. I did jump a few times but the story to me was just so boring that i found myself not really caring all that much. I enjoyed the flashlight and gun play but the enemies were more of a pain than something to fear. I also felt that i couldn't really connect with any of the characters. Although barry was probably my favorite side character. Even though it sounds like I hated the game its really the opposite. I did like it but in my opinion its not worth sixty bucks and its probably a one time through. Unless your like me and love those achievements you probably won't touch it after your done. I would say definitely play it but as far as buying that is up to you.

Verdict: Play it